About Classical Vedic Devotional Song
The Devotional Songs on this CD mainly fall into the categories of particular genres of Vedic Classical Devotional Song known as Stotrams and Kirtaans.

Stotrams are scholarly authentic Vedic texts, used in pujas and yagya technologies for thousands of years to avert calamities, purify the body, mind, and environment, and maintain balance, health, well-being, and bliss. The Stotrams and Kirtaans on this CD are songs characterized by simple and sweet melodies, much repetition, and simple and lively rhythms. They are therefore ideal for teaching young students as well as students of all ages. It is said of Vedic Devotional Songs that if they are sung with complete surrender and devotion in the heart, then blessings flow to the singers from the cosmic administrator they are representing. These serene ancient songs are sung today in India in much the same manner as they were several thousands of years ago in Vedic times; passed down through the oral tradition of teaching Vedic Knowledge that includes Vedic Music. They enliven the two-fold use of Swara or “frequency.” That is, frequencies in terms of the tonality of Vedic Music, as well as in terms of the reverberations of the Veda in the Sanskrit text.

These divine songs have a remarkable power and ability to nourish the heart and consciousness toward a state of complete unity. They are always nourishing, but especially fulfilling when sung during the Nine Days of Mother Divine which occur in the spring and fall of every year according to the Vedic calendar.


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