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“One has only to consult the Harvard Dictionary of Music to realize the ethnomusicology of Vedic India has now become among the most widely acclaimed and respected by scholars of world music as well as those of the Western Classical tradition. And rightly so, for its subtleties and intricacies of melodic pitch, frequency, and rhythm are unsurpassed in other cultural heritages. Here in these delightful samples from the vast array of the sacred classical music of Vedic India, surviving more than 5,000 years through oral tradition of teaching, lies a timeless treasure of delightful melodies and profound poetic texts; in sweetest simplicity and divine purity. Here lies a most sublime vehicle for human vocal expression, as well as for connecting the heart and soul to its inner divine resources through the sensory experience of musical tone and text in the Vedic form of Swara. For me personally, it has become a rediscovery of the higher purpose and function of music: enlivenment of the cosmic melodies and frequencies structuring the divine intelligence that administers our universe.”

—Graciella Zogbi, vocalist, instructor, and researcher of Vedic Music


About the CD
Vedic Devata productions presents the first of its entirely Vedic CDs performed by Westerners; featuring the ancient science and art of Vedic Classical Devotional Song. These delightful and divine melodies and texts are from Vedic pujas and yagyas; They are sung in Sanskrit with English transliterations and translations provided. The songs are sung in the oral tradition known as guru-shishya-parampara, with teacher and student chorus alternating, so that listeners may easily learn and sing along. There is no substitute for a good teacher; however, this CD provides a good teaching supplemental tool to learning to sing Vedic Devotional Songs.

These divine songs have a remarkable power and ability to nourish and uplift the heart and consciousness toward a state of complete unity. They are always nourishing, but especially fulfilling when sung during the Nine Days of Mother Divine, which occur in the spring and fall of every year according to the Vedic calendar.

Instrumentation has been limited to the customary use of drone and minimal percussion; using traditional acoustic instruments to encourage maximum purity of intonation along with perfection in pronunciation.


About the Vedic Devata
In the tradition of ancient Vedic Science, there are five main Devata or cosmic administrators, five fundamental structures of the administration of Natural Law. They are known as the pancha Devata. The Sanskrit term Daivi Shakti represents one of these. She is the organizing power of that cosmic intelligence or administrator of Natural Law known as Mother Divine. She is said to nourish all aspects of creation. The three traditional aspects of Mother Divine—Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati—are always said to be together. Durga is the energy and power value, Lakshmi is the nourishing and wealth-giving value, while Saraswati is the knowledge and wisdom value.
The Vedic Literature states: “For eternity, there is nothing other than that one exalted, supreme sovereign Mother Divine, the source of creation—supreme creative intelligence in her magnanimity, supreme invincibility, totality, pure potentiality—the source of everything—the end result of the analysis of the Veda. (Durga Saptashatj 10.5)

“I have listened to the beautiful recording of the teacher and girls singing Sanskrit songs, and I found it enjoyable and very settling to listen to. From the viewpoint of Sanskrit, it’s technically accurate, much like a recording that would emerge from some ashram high in the Himalayas. I recommend it, and I personally plan to listen to it again and again.”

—Tom Egenes, Ph.D, Professer of Sanskrit


We know you will enjoy and cherish this CD.....

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